EST 7010 PSM I Process Safety Management

EST-7126 - Process Hazard Analysis

EST 7128 Mechanical Integrity

EST 7129 PSM II - Advanced Process Safety

EST 7130 PSM Auditing

EST 7136 API RP 1173 Safety Management Systems for the Pipeline Industry


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Empowerment Through Education


Many small businesses and large businesses currently do not have the knowledge base necessary to create and implement an effective Process Safety Management Program. Both small and large businesses operate on restricted budgets with limited budget flexibility. The result has been many process safety related accidents and catastrophes over the past years. Providing those businesses with a clear understanding of the requirements of the standard and a simple methodology to comply with those requirements can assist them with a cost effective method of compliance.


Increase the welfare of your co-workers and your company by completing our Process Safety Management Certificate. You'll learn how to correctly create process safety management and risk management plans to protect your community, plus you'll understand how Process Hazard Analysis and applying principles of mechanical integrity can boost your company's safety record.


Current News: Watch for our new online process safety management courses coming soon.